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Game Changing Energy Efficiency & Smart Building platform


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CIBEEM (Commercial & Industrial Building Energy Efficiency Management)

is a software development set out to connect and support

Building -Management, - Influencers and -Solution Providers.


Situation - Legislation will force real estate to become more energy efficient and multiple companies try to address this 3.4 trillion market


Confrontation - Low cost IoT devices generate large amounts of data, but this is rarely translated into actionable information for all stakeholders


Message - Our independent open SaaS platform enables 'de facto' building management with automated tools for energy efficiency projects, reporting, data analyses, visualisation and 3rd party engagement


Centralised data accessible for:



Asset Management | Facility Management | Network Operating Centre



Assessors | Advisors | Contractors | Utilities



Monitoring | Controls | Upgrades | Infrastructure | Financing

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Software Overview


Cibeem is an open platform that addresses the fragmentation of systems faced daily by facility managers and real estate portfolio managers – it can become “screen one” for these audiences in the way that mobile phones have become our interface to the world. It embraces emerging industry standards like Project Haystack, meaning it can act as a translator for the wide variety of building systems and standards. Furthermore it will address ESOS compliance in the fullest way and provide self-driven applications for auditing


It will be open to accept data from any BMS, IoT device or existing building data feed – and independent of any BMS, IoT device, meter or similar technology - meaning it can work with any of the existing metering or monitoring service providers, or technology as this changes over time. The software also accepts data from Energy Star and other utility bill feeds (electric, gas, water etc) and adds value to the interpretation of bills without offering a reconciliation or dispute service


Cibeem’s data is open so can work with any analytics or artificial intelligence provider as well as that it can uniquely provide an expert oversight and advisory support service across multiple clients and buildings due to its SaaS platform, and will provide offline services as well as online

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The Architect (David Kipling)


For the last five years, David was a Vice President with Jabil (, NYSE: JBL) a multi-national contract manufacturing business. He lead a commercial & industrial energy efficiency business unit across Jabil’s 100+ sites globally and addressing their $200m energy spend. He was the architect of a proprietary building software system, Firebird, for Jabil, and led investment transactions for Jabil into building controls, IoT devices, energy storage and energy generation technologies.


David has 10 years experience in renewables & the building energy sector including transactions with Anesco. He recently established Energy Action Solutions and Onsite Energy Projects to provide “behind the meter” energy solutions to corporate and industrial customers.


He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1989 and has 28 years finance & high growth company experience. He is a serial entrepreneur with prior CEO and architect enterprise software experience.

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