Non Intrusive Load Monitoring @ 8kHz sampling


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Global Green Energy Lease (GGEL) aims to pre-finance energy solutions of the future. This Dutch based company, has a clear focus on filling the gap between expensive energy solutions and the budget of businesses that should primarily focussed on their core activity. Competition of capital often results in priorities other than energy efficiency projects. By providing a shared savings possibility, the advantages of having the solutions and the disadvantages of financing it are outbalanced. GGEL thereby pushes the transition to clean energy.

The project / Business case


Monitoring does not directly contribute to a more energy efficient building, but it is a key component for becoming more energy efficient. The possibility of understanding 'why' energy is consumed rather than how much is relevant since it is the starting point. With this best of bread solution we can do analyses and benchmarking on existing installation and contemplate upgrades and smarter controls while being able to verify the benefits in detail per circuit / end use / device. The main reason for installing this type of advanced electrical monitoring is to make better decisions in what sort of optimisations it is best to invest in. The systems will be included to the offering towards commercial and industrial clients as a starting point. The sales channel for this product is Global Green Buildings, please find more information and the advantages on:


The investor

For this project €20.000,- is needed to purchase and install the Monitoring systems with some key clients. Through a debenture (€5000,- each), the investor will receive a annual 7% fixed return on the investment. This amount plus their initial investment will be payed back through an annuity payment of €68,17 / month in 8 years. 

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Verdigris Technologies


Verdigris is a Silicon Valley (California) based company that has great expertise in advanced elektrical monitoring. Their system generates at a high frequency (8.000 measurements per second) data that enables users to work with a set of energy management tools and dashboards. The system can actively detect inefficiencies and equipment failure by looking for anomalies. Furthermore is the hardware and software capable of load disaggregation, and for that it is quickly adopted by large electrical manufacturers like ABB, Schneider, Jabil and others. The granularity of the data is the starting point to do more accurate analyses, better benchmarking and verification of achieved savings.


Global Green Buildings has become a partner channel for the European market, and will use the systems to spread this technology into a wider range of clients.


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