The verified savings are 6,8% on kWh

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands

10 000


Global Green Energy Lease (GGEL) aims to pre-finance energy solutions of the future. This Dutch based company, has a clear focus on filling the gap between expensive energy solutions and the budget of businesses that should primarily focussed on their core activity. Competition of capital often results in priorities other than energy efficiency projects. By providing a shared savings possibility, the advantages of having the solutions and the disadvantages of financing it are outbalanced. GGEL thereby pushes the transition to clean energy.

The project / Business case

After recording the voltage profile, it is estimated that the installation of the Voltage Optimization Unit in the Harbour Club Rotterdam will save our client an expected 5,7% on their kWh usage. The main reason for this installation is that the energy consumption is reduced while positively impacting the daily operations, and no investment is required to do so. More information on the advantages can be found on:



The investor

For this project €10.000,- is needed to purchase and install the Voltage Optimization Unit. Through a debenture (€5000,- each), the investor will receive a annual 7% fixed return on the investment. This amount plus their initial investment will be payed back through an annuity payment of €68,17 / month for 8 years. 

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The Harbour Club Group


The Harbour Club Group has developed three concepts which are spread over multiple locations in a unique set up. The establishments have strategic locations in terms of accessability and ambiance. All concepts serve excellent food, wines and are a great venue to relax, celebrate or have a business meeting.


The Harbour Club Rotterdam is situated in an old villa in 'Rotterdams Stadspark' with a great view over the park.


For more information or reservations visit:


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