Verified savings are 12,4% on kWh

Utrecht, Netherlands

10 000


Global Green Energy Lease (GGEL) aims to pre-finance energy solutions of the future. This Dutch based company, has a clear focus on filling the gap between expensive energy solutions and the budget of businesses that should be focussed on their core activities. By providing a lease possibility, the advantages of having the solutions and the disadvantages of financing it are outbalanced. GGEL thereby pushes the transition to clean energy.

The project / Business case

The previous project with Debuut resulted in a 12,7% saving in one of their locations in Utrecht. For this second project it is estimated that the installation of the Voltage Optimization Unit will save the Belgian Beer Café Olivier (Leiden) an expected 11,3% on their kWh usage. Apart from their savings on kWh, they will see a significant reduction of lightbulbs that need to be replaced. The poor power quality supplied before the installation, results in so many broken lightbulbs that they do a check every day. For more product information go to www.globalgreenbuildings.com.


The investor

For this project €10.000,- is needed to purchase and install the Voltage Optimization Unit. Through a debenture, the investor will receive a 7% fixed return on the investment. This amount plus their initial investment will be payed back through an annuity payment of €68,17 / month for 8 years. 

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Belgian Beer Café Olivier


Belgian Beer Café Olivier is an authentiek and nostalgic cafe in the old centre of Leiden. Apart from its unique building, they serve a wide range of different beers. The warm ambiance together with excellent service makes this one of the top drinking spots known in Utrecht.



Debuut B.V.


Olivier is owned by Debuut B.V.. With over 30 locations throughout the Netherlands Debuut B.V. is well known in the food and catering industry. They are widely recognized and applauded for their hands on approach and their success formula which they continuously shape and improve. With their excellent view on how people like to spent their free time, they succeed in sustainable business growth with eye for cost saving solutions and reduction of carbon emission. 

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